The Guy Down the Street

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Tyler Sky is left alone at the house today and thought he would have a few hours to watch some porn and have some fun. However, his roommate tells him the local plumber, Cam Weston, is over repairing his sink. Not thinking much about it, he gets distracted by the noise coming from the bathroom and decides to check out what’s going on. Walking in on the hot plumber working under the sink without a shit on, he can’t help but notice how hot this repairman is looking. Cam is lying on his back under the sink and using all his skills trying to get the sink repaired. That includes telling the pipes exactly what he’s going to do with him when Tyler decides he wants in on that action. Only wearing his briefs, Tyler introduces himself to Cam and encourages him to take a break in his bedroom. Cam has a seat on the bed and Tyler wastes no time making a move to test the limits of the hot plumber. Even though he denies any interest in playing with a guy, Tyler convinces him to experiment and see how he likes the fun. Tyler starts rubbing his crotch and works his way to the zipper where he unzips his cock and puts it right in his mouth. Cam is excited and enjoys the feeling of his cock inside Tyler’s mouth and has no trouble getting hard. Cam is enjoying the action more and more as he gets more aggressive, grabbing Tyler by the hair and pulling his mouth deeper on his cock. It’s not long before Tyler has climbed onto Cam’s cock and is riding him balls deep in his ass. Riding up and down on this handyman’s big cock, he enjoys every inch of the pipe that he’s pushing in his ass. Cam is getting more into the fun and pushes Tyler on his back with his cock still buried deep inside. Throwing his leg over his shoulder, he his banging his ass as hard and deep as he can get inside. Tyler explodes with a huge load of cum then helps milk a load out of Wes. This new gay porn release is sure to be a break time favorite!



Loved it !!! Guys being alittle dirty.... That Cam? He really is good. ??-Sherry

DIY fantasy

35:37 to the end....HOT!!! keep up the good work guys!