Colby Chambers and Jack Hunter DP Scotty Knox

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Scotty Knox has been asking about Jack Hunter for weeks now. Colby keeps telling him that he'll be here soon and to get ready because his cock is just as big as it looks online. Even though Jack's very large, Scotty has full faith that he will be able to take it. Not only does Scotty think he can take it, he wants to try taking both Colby and Jack at the same time. In this ColbyKnox new gay porn release, Scotty Knox is ready to try something he's never tried before but fantasizes about quite often. What better of an opportunity than this, Jack Hunter and Colby Chambers in the same room at the same time. He knows it's going to be a challenge, that much cock would break lesser of men, but Scotty just can't get this out of his head. Thinking about Jack Hunter and Colby Chambers taking him at the same time. One slipping inside his tight hole and then the next. Rubbing their huge cocks together inside his ass just waiting to explode. He can't stop thinking about how warm their cum would feel running out of his hole. How they could just bend him over and share him like their favorite toy. Super studs Colby Chambers and Jack Hunter dont leave anyone disappointed in this hot bareback release, least of all Scotty Knox. And the hot young 18 year old newcomer takes both these hunks dick like a champ, his face telling a whole separate story of its own.


Glad I found this site

As a bi married guy I have always fantasized about doing a DP with another hung top or straight guy especially feeling my cock rubbing against another guy's cock in a tight hole. Wow I really got off. Thanks More Bareback please.


One of the hottest scenes of the year on this or any other site. Scotty is absolutely on fire taking those two big dicks and loving it. A stunning DP for a talented bottom!

Best ever Bareback!

Awesome scene...wish all of your scenes were bareback!

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