Webcam Show "The Train"

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You know this new gay porn release from ColbyKnox is going to be amazing from the time the studs hit the bed. The show starts off with the very sexy Tyler Sky hopping on the bed with Colby Chambers for some one on one foreplay fun. Colby slides his finger into Tyler’s mouth and he begins to suck on it as he slides it in and out of his mouth. Staring into his eyes, Colby gets aroused by watching his finger slide in and out before he removes his shorts to start rubbing his crotch in Tyler’s face. Tyler licks his cock through his sexy briefs and the two start rubbing each other’s hard bodies and making out. Mickey Knox soon joins in on the action and they have Tyler pinned in the middle of the bed while they rub his smooth twink body and nibble on his face and ears. Mickey moves down between Tyler’s legs to start sucking his cock while Colby begins to feed his thick cock to Tyler’s mouth. Mickey moves closer to Tyler and begins to stroke both their cocks together before Colby leans over and starts sucking on both cocks at the same time. Colby has to open his mouth wide to get both big cocks wet. Tyler moves onto his knees and Mickey moves behind him to start eating his ass. Using his tongue to lick his ass, he begins to get that boy hole wet and ready for some cock. Colby moves into position behind Tyler and starts to push his thick hard cock deep inside Tyler’s tight man hole. Mickey lies down in front, feeding his fully erect cock down Tyler’s mouth. Colby continues to pound that tight hole from behind before it’s time to trade that ass off on Mickey’s hard throbbing cock. Mickey pushes his cock deep inside of the ass that Colby just opened up. Grinding in deeper and deeper, he feels Colby work behind him and start pushing his cock against his hole. Mickey grinds hard and fast pushing his dick inside of Tyler while Colby thrusts from behind. These studs are enjoying the sweaty train action and can’t get enough of this deep penetrating cock pounding. Colby shoots a huge load of warm cum all over Tyler that Mickey is soon licking up before replacing with his own load of cum.



Mickey in the middle is always a glorious thing!


You guys are amazing. This is one of the hottest things I've seen you guys do!