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Tyler Sky joins Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox for a live hot gay porn cam show in the ColbyKnox house. Tyler is no stranger to the house and is quite familiar with his place between the two guys’ big cocks. Mickey is excited for this show and begins in his sexy briefs, grinding behind Tyler on the bed. Before Colby can even get on the bed, Mickey has slipped his briefs off and then slides Tyler’s off getting him naked for the upcoming fun. Colby jumps on the bed and grabs Tyler to stick his tongue in his mouth before forcing his face down on his exposed cock. The scene starts with Colby and Mickey penetrating Tyler’s mouth and ass with their thick cocks. Colby continues feeding his cock down Tyler’s mouth and Mickey slides his lubed dick deep inside his tight ass. Mickey is just starting the exploration inside of Tyler’s ass when Colby grabs his head, face fucking him without mercy. The show has just started and the guys already have Tyler gagging and moaning from their huge cocks filling both ends. The lovers are getting aggressive with their guest tonight and Mickey begins to pound that tight ass harder and harder as Colby continues to face fuck the young stud. With a hard and wet cock, Colby lies back on the bed and lubes up his thick cock before telling Tyler to sit on it. He bounces up and down taking every inch of his thick shaft balls deep in his tight hole. Colby is excited and throws Tyler onto his back while his cock is still lodged deep inside his tight hole. He starts pounding that ass harder and grabs Tyler by the hair as he aggressively fucks his ass. Tyler enjoys taking both big cocks deep inside his well-used and stretched man hole. After throwing the twink around the bed, Colby completes his ass pounding by depositing a huge load of cum on his sweaty ass. This climax is extra special as Mickey is able to shoot his huge load of warm cum at the same time Colby is exploding. Tyler ends this gay porn video worn out and drenched in two sticky puddles on cum.


Wow, Just Wow

Any video with Tyler is going to be awesome, but this one was especially amazing. I loved seeing Mickey's dominant side come out, and Colby was in perfect form. Tyler is an incredible bottom, always hungry for more and he can really take a pounding! The best part is at the end, and all I can say about it without giving it away is wow, just wow!