Threeway in the Garage

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In this weeks new XXX gay porn release from ColbyKnox, the boys invite us all into the garage of the ColbyKnox home for a hot three-way show with exclusive resident model Scotty Knox. The show begins with Scotty's legs in the air getting attention from the two husbands one at a time. Colby Chambers holding his legs in the air while going back and forth licking from Scotty's tight warm ass to his hot hard dick. Being experts in sharing at this point, Mickey Knox know just the right time to take the reigns and start teasing Scotty with his perfect dick. The boys eventually get down to business with Colby Chambers penetrating Scotty's tight hungry hole and thrusting away at him until he's ready to let Mickey get in on the action too. Mickey Knox starts out hammering away at Scotty until his husband Colby Chambers decides to make a Mickey sandwich out of the situation. Planting his hips in line with Mickeys, Colby penetrates Mickey and fucks the pair of them as they are hooked up. Nothing like a down and dirty, unplanned fuck out in the garage!!!


couldn't ask for more

One of the things I find so sexy about many of the ColbyKnox scenes is how candid and intimate they are. I love especially the facial expressions and muscle flexes and murmured words of encouragement or enticement. So much of that is what makes the videos between performers who really have a bond and chemistry very special. It is undoubted that Colby and Mickey have an amazing bond on multiple levels but this scene was especially sexy and interesting because I got to see how Scotty is really building his own bond with the guys. All of their interactions and reactions to each others touch and even presence makes this a 10/10 special scene for me.