Three's a Blast

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Tyler Sky is back at the ColbyKnox house for another round of hot gay porn action. Colby Chambers is first on the bed with Tyler and they are already having a difficult time keeping their hands off each other. Tyler is looking down at Colby as he gets positioned between his legs and begins to rub his hands all over his chest. Colby quickly moves to slide off Tyler’s briefs, exposing his tight ass and hard cock. Colby is already rock hard and begins to tease that ass with his stiff man meat. Moving his face towards that smooth boy ass, Colby begins licking his sweet hole and prepping it for taking his hard cock. Mickey Knox joins in on the action and not wanting to miss out on the fun, he gets right to work presenting his cock to Tyler. Mickey and Tyler exchange some hot oral action while Colby is slapping his thick seven inches on that tight bubble ass. Tyler is now positioned on his stomach and with Mickey feeding his cock down his throat, Colby greases up his cock and shoves it deep inside of Tyler’s ass. The sensation of that cock sliding in his ass is pure pleasure and Tyler locks his legs behind Colby’s back while he continues to thrust inside. Colby is pressing his body on top of Tyler, pushing his thick shaft deeper inside while he works to make him feel every inch. Colby and Mickey make out while penetrating Tyler from both ends and finally, it’s time for Mickey to get a ride on Tyler’s smooth ass. Mickey goes full steam ahead and starts pounding hard on Tyler’s ass. With his balls slapping on his ass, he is giving Tyler one hell of a ride. Colby lies on his back and Tyler gets off Mickey’s dick to straddle Colby’s. Tyler and Colby get some one on one time and he takes every inch of that thick cock that is being offered up. Fucking in multiple positions, Colby explores every inch of Tyler’s plump ass. Mickey is lying beside the guys stroking his cock as he enjoys a front row seat to the action. Colby is first to shoot his warm load of cum on Tyler’s back and that is followed by Mickey shooting his warm load. These two studs leave their guest smiling and covered in sweat and cum.



OMG- this so so intense. Three beautiful hot guys entwined together. What else could a girl want other than join in maybe... Tyler got all of Colby- while Mickey enjoy it too... great scene. Love you guys...??

threes a blast

Great 3way as always. Please put Tyler is a gang bang video. He is a great bottom and really puts out.

Playing Tag

Colby, Mickey & Tyler - love when the 3 of you get together. Made me blast off!