The Adventures of Batman and Robin--Part 2 (A ColbyKnox Parody)

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When we last left our hero, Robin had been drugged, subdued, and used by two of Gotham's masked thugs. In this gay porn video, we take a trip into the mind of a superhero sidekick in this exciting installment of Batman and Robin (A Colby Knox Parody). Robin relives the last conversation he had with Bruce before being captured and taken prisoner. It was a beautiful morning like any other at Wayne Manor and Alfred was serving breakfast while Bruce, played by Jack Hunter, has his coffee and starts his day. Dick Grayson, played by Christian Bay, is pressing Bruce on what seems to be an ongoing issue in their partnership. Speaking of partnership, we see a side of the dynamic duo we have never seen before. Have you ever wondered what happens when the suits are off? Colby Knox shows you exactly what happens when they get back to Wayne Manor. Naturally, Christian Bay starts Jack Hunter's day off right by sucking his huge dick long and hard. It’s easy to see why Bruce takes the superhero lead when he unrobes his massive giant cock. With a tool that large, Dick knows to get right on his knees and start using his superhero powers to swallow every inch of that throbbing meat. This man on man action moves to the dining room window where Bruce bends Dick over and he slides his thick shaft deep inside that tight ass. Dick is moaning with pleasure as he feels the thick girth of that giant cock opening him up inside. Arching his back to take that cock deeper, Bruce grabs his shoulder pulling him deeper as he thrusts his cock inside. The two then demonstrate one of the keys to any good partnership and flip positions so that Dick can enjoy Bruce’s tight ass. Still using the window seat for leverage, Dick drills his ass long and deep. These two studs continue to switch off and trade fucks until Bruce pulls his giant cock out of Dick’s ass to shoot a huge load. Dick turns around and shoots a huge load of his own before dropping to his knees and cleaning off Bruce’s cock. This new gay porn video is sure to be another Colby Knox favorite.


damn hot

I like the comic book/tv show theme. what else can you come up with? the hottest part was Christian cumming on Jack's cock and then licking it off. that was astounding

Not in front of my salad sir!

After the comic was read, THIS is what I always imagined was going on at Wayne Manor. Jack and Christian was a perfect pairing to play Bruce and Dick. Their sensual chemistry is clearly portrayed on screen. The camera work, lighting, and editing all clearly defined and enhanced this. I was very pleasantly surprised with a flip fuck. Watching "Bruce" give up that control and allowing the Boy Wonder to own and possess him was truly orgasmic. This scene is definitely in my top 5 favorite CK scenes.

Robin the Boy Wonder Gets Fucked Again

In part I last week, I commented on the large gay cult following of the old Batman and Robin TV show with one group fantasizing about villains getting to fuck Robin's virgin boy butt (well acted out in Part I) and others speculating the Batman and Robin were getting it on (well acted out in this scene). This scene added a flip flop fuck and great cum shots highlighted by Batman shooting big and then Robin shooting a large load on Batman's erect cock, and then Robin sucking it, thereby eating both the cum of himself and Batman. Well done and great Halloween parody guys! After these two scenes, any twink who wears a Robin costume to a gay club costume party tomorrow night is looking to get fucked.

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