That Show The Other Night

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In this new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, its more live fun with the boys. Scotty Knox joins Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox in a non-scripted, "do what feels good" production that we hope viewers enjoy as much as the boys did. Mickey Knox and Scotty start by nudging Colby Chambers into being the first to bottom. He doesn't put up to much of a fight as Mickey starts working his way to putting his big raw cock into Colby's tight heart shaped ass. Scotty Knox keeps him distracted by force feeding him a heaping helping of his hard dick. Scotty Knox is next up as Colby and Mickey bring him front and center as Mickey gets ready to penetrate his plump smooth ass. Colby watches and encourages his husband as Mickey goes to town on young Scotty. Finally Colby moves in for his turn, thrusting and pumping his huge thick dick in and out of Scotty Knox's firm tight asshole til he cant take anymore and gives us one of those signature Colby Chambers cum shots. Fun to just set the camera up and let the boys play, enjoy.


Hot Teen Ass for Both the Boys to Fuck

Wow, 18 year old Scotty's hot teen ass took the big cocks of first Mickey and then Colby. The scene ended with one really well fucked teenager.

That show the other night

In French we say " simplement magique" this vid !! Félicitations!!

Boys and Their Toys

If you enjoy the husbands, you'll enjoy this scene. This night's toy was Scotty, and they definitely had fun using him.