Step Up

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We all have those moments we look back on... "Wish I would have done this" or "Maybe I should have done that" It only takes a little shove to throw your life in a completely different direction. Eli Lincoln and Cameron Taylor have been friends and neighbors for as long as they can remember. Cameron always partying and getting into trouble and Eli the more reserved and shy introvert being goaded in to Cam's adventures. The time has finally come for the two to part ways, Cam is moving away to college and Eli is not quite sure how to feel about it. Especially since theres always been something about Cam that Eli has been just a little bit curious about.....



What a nice ASS

Step Up

Nice scene of schoolboy good bye sex as Cameron is about to leave to go to his first year of college. Eli gives Cameron some good bye by sucking cock, getting rimmed and taking Cameron up his really hot fuckable ass. Best line of the scene as Cameron completed his rimming of Eli, was Eli saying "I need something bigger than that up there". and Cameron promptly granting his request by sliding his 9.5 inch rock hard cock up Eli's hot very fuckable ass.

Cameron's got dick for days, but Eli's got ass for weeks

What a fucking hot scene! Cameron is the tall, lean blond boy-next-door we've all eye-fucked but Eli steals the show not only with his voluptuous posterior, but also with those lovely eyes burning with carnal yearning and very arousing moans. Both guys have awesome chemistry. It was particularly hot how Cameron kissed Eli as he was pounding that delicious ass.