Seth Knight Pounds Scotty Knox

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Ever since Scotty watched Seth Knight Fucking Mickey he can't seem to get it out of his head. They were filming a gay porn scene for ColbyKnox and Scotty was the assistant cameraman. He couldn't help but notice the way Seth Knight choked Mickey while passionately shoving his cock deep inside him. He would kiss Mickey's lips while thrusting his dick in and out of Mickey's tight ass. The passion and pleasure they shared made Scotty horny as fuck, so after they finished filming the scene Scotty decided he was going to ask Colby Chambers if he could book a scene with Seth for later in the week. Colby though it was a fantastic idea and Scheduled it right away. There is nothing hotter than watching two models that genuinely want to fuck each other and these two boys are H.O.T. Plus, Seth was thrilled to hear that he was being booked for one more scene and was even more happy when he found out who it was with. Two hot boys fucking in their bed, damn it don't get much better than that.


seth is the definition of macho man

seth is soo strong.. especially when a submissive bottom like scotty os around.. "are you ready to demolish my ass?" "i am so ready to demolish that ass" scotty moans and groans in submission to hot seth demolishing his ass.. there is this part around 10.30 where seth pounds scotty and puts his hand up exhibiting his sweaty armpit like a macho.

Teen Aged Scotty Gets Pounded and Eats Cum

Whimpering 18 year old Scotty takes big dick up his hot little ass and opens his mouth wide for his facial, catching one direct hit of cum on his tongue and swallowing and using his fingers to get to eat more cum. As Scotty said at the end: "that was good sex!"

Don’t miss the epic facial in this scene!

What an amazing scene pairing! Seth is such a powerful stud top, and he skillfully rims and dicks down Scotty like a boss. Scotty takes every single thrust and begs Seth for more. Just when you think this scene can’t possibly be any more amazing, Seth delivers one hell of a facial. Bravo!