Scotty Tops

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In this new gay porn release from the ColbyKnox house, Scotty Knox is packing up and getting ready to head home after his first shoot. Mickey Knox is in the bedroom helping him get packed up and they start chatting about possibilities for the next time he's in town. When the idea of Scotty topping comes up, Mickey is surprised by that revelation and immediately starts plotting his next move. Sanding by the side of the bed, he drops his pants and presents his beautiful round ass to the unsuspecting newcomer. Scotty looks up and sees that smooth tight ass and is trying to figure out exactly what is going on in the bedroom. It doesn't take Scotty Knox long to make his decision about what he would like to do to Mickeys big plump inviting ass. Knowing he still has some extra time before heading to the airport he walks around to that ass and Mickey climbs on the bed presenting his ass to him for the taking. Scotty gets right to work burying his face in that sweet ass and expertly using his tongue on his tight hole. At this point, Scotty is rock hard and greases up his cock and slides it into Mickey’s wet hole. That hard cock is exactly what he wanted and is muffling his whimpering in the bed as Scotty penetrates his ass. He starts fucking that ass in long hard strokes before he pulls out and sits down at the foot of the bed. Scotty then looks at Mickey and tells him to sit on his cock. Mickey is eager to jump on and continue where they left off. The two spend the rest of the time before Scotty's flight sucking, licking, and fucking their brains out. Scotty may be new to porn, but he knows exactly how to use that big thick cock.


Scotty Tops Mickey

Smoking hot scene of Mickey taking Scotty's teen aged cock up his ass. I'm guessing that it's been a while since Mickey has taken teen aged dick. Must have brought back fond memories of Mickey's high school days.

Sexy Micky

When Mickey whispers and moans give it to me and fuck me near the end, oh emm fucking gee that boy is smoking hot.

awesome fucking scene

scotty and mickey get a 10 out of 5 for this scene - such amazing chemistry omg scotty's tongue is so fucking amazing and he knows how to use it! amazing views of scotty pits and mickey pits - great cocks - great cum shots the kissing at the end - so fucking sensual! love you both scotty & mickey xoxoxoxo

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