Scotty Knox Meets Nick Romero

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Scotty Knox has the Pleasure of introducing ColbyKnox's newest model, Nick Romero. Nick is a local stud with a huge heart and a equally impressive cock. Scotty noticed Nick online and immediately wanted to meet him. I'm not sure if it was Nick's good looks, his awesome tan, or his giant cock that got Scotty all worked up. It was probably a combination of them all. Whatever it was, I'm happy that they decided to meet in-person and fuck because filming Scotty pounding Nick's tight hole was definitely the highlight of the week around here. Hopefully We'll get to see him in action again soon.


18 Year Old Fucks 20 Year Old

I'm sure that the last thing new model 20 year old Nick expected was to be sucking and getting fucked by the teen age cock of 18 year old Scotty. It must have been a hoot for high school aged Scotty to be topping college aged Nick. Plus it made for a great sex scene for us to watch.

Another Hot One

y'all out-did yourselves again with this magical amazing scene between Scotty and Nick. Wow


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