Scotty Knox fucks Robin Moore Bareback

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This week's new gay porn release at ColbyKnox features Robin Moore and Scotty Knox. After spending more than a week together Scotty and Robin are excited that they finally get a chance to show off their skills. Robin has been flaunting his ass around all week in these tiny shorts and I'm surprised that Scotty has been able to wait this long. After getting his cock sucked Scotty is rock hard and ready to fuck Robin's tight hole. He bends him over and plays with Robins ass, pushing his fingers inside Robin while he continues to get head. Once Scotty is ready he tells Robin to turn around and show him his plump ass. It's time to fuck and both are excited to get it on. Robin's beautiful skin glows in the sun as Scotty thrust in and out of his tight hole. Another great scene brought to you by The Boys of ColbyKnox.


Twink Teen Aged Sex at Its Best

Watching 18 year old skinny as a snake Scotty face fuck and butt fuck 19 year old blonde bubble butt Robin was twink teen aged sex at its best. When the boys discussed their day at the beach with Robin's skimpy swim wear teasing all the boys with his hot ass, you could see the look of anticipation in Scotty as he prepared to fuck that teasing blonde butt. What ensued was a scene of teen aged lust and young male sexual beauty culminating in Scotty shooting his load into Robin's ass. One of the best gay porn scenes ever! Having been fucked raw this past week by Colby, Mickey and now Scotty, Robin will be going home walking bow legged with a really well fucked ass.

Fantastic scene

Such a hot scene, i hope we see more from Robin and scotty and more bareback too.

bareback only please

bareback is how you keep me a member

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