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Mason Steele and Mickey Knox are spending a hot summer day together in the pool. Mason has been floating around on the raft with his bare ass sticking up teasing Mickey all afternoon. Wanting to make a move, Mickey dives in the pool and swims over to the raft to see if Mason is up for a kiss and he soon discovers that he is offering more for the taking. In this new gay porn, these studs make good use of the pool raft and Mason has his ass eaten and fingered right in the middle of the pool. Starting off by making out with his hot house guest, he pulls himself against the raft and pushes his tongue into Mason’s mouth. All that making out has Mickey hard and ready to taste that ass so he flips mason and begins eating that bubble ass while still floating in the pool. It’s time for Mickey’s cock to get serviced and the studs switch places on the pool raft. Mickey lies back and Mason moves between his legs to start sucking his hard cock. Mickey has a devilish smile on his face and is rock hard. The two are making waves as Mickey mounts Mason’s ass on the raft. The action starts with Mickey on his back and mason climbing on to his hard cock riding up and down. Mickey soon has Mason flipped over and is grinding deeper and deeper inside as he pounds his ass. Mickey decides he wants to give that ass one hell of a workout and the action moves poolside where he pounds him on the deck. The raft and that tight ass must have provided one hell of a ride as Mickey deposits a huge load of cum on Mason’s ass before he shoots a load of his own on Mickey’s face.



Mason is hot and has a great ass. I love watching Mickey though. He is so cute, hot & sexy


OMG - Mason and Mickey were and are absolutely amazing .... love the water slapping as they fuck - great scene .... such adorable amazing studs!! Constantly hard is such a turn on! Congrats Mickey & Mason!!! Thanks