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In this update, Tyler Sky brings his sexy ass back to the ColbyKnox house for a live gay porn video fuck show. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are head over heels for his sweet tight ass and get right to work making his ass bounce on the bed. Colby is anxious for some fun, wearing his hat reversed and ready to taste that sweet boy’s ass. Colby and Mickey surround Tyler and start slapping his ass, getting off on watching his cheeks bounce. Mickey wedges his face between Colby’s cock and Tyler’s ass, rotating between eating man hole and tasting his lover’s precum. Colby returns the favor by sucking Mickey’s cock and massaging Tyler’s ass, getting it ready to take his thick meat. Colby wants to get his cock hard and wet and puts it back in Tyler’s mouth while Mickey starts fingering his ass. That luscious ass is a beautiful sight and Mickey is first up burying his thick man meat deep in Tyler’s tight hole. Coly holds Tyler’s shoulders flat on the bed while Mickey twists his hip sideways to take his ass from the side. He has great leverage as he shoves all seven inches deep inside a moaning Tyler. Mickey gives that ass a hard deep pounding, opening him up just right for Colby to take a turn. Colby gets deep in that ass, powerfully probing with his long thick cock. Mickey lies beside the two as they fuck hard and he strokes his own cock, watching them grind up and down on the bed. Tyler rides Colby’s big cock balls deep before being repositioned, standing against the bed as he gets plowed from behind. Tyler then gets thrown back on the bed with Colby opening his legs wide to take his thick shaft deep inside. That thick meat must have hit Tyler’s g spot just right as he shoots a load of warm cum all over his chest. Colby gets back behind that tight ass and milks a huge load out all over his tight bubble ass. Not to be outdone, Mickey is also happy to share a thick load of warm cum all over Tyler’s beautiful ass cheeks.