My Property

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In this new ColbyKnox gay porn video release, Tyler Sky is out enjoying a nice day by hunting. The only problem is that he’s hunting on private property without permission. After walking out of the woods he sees a no trespassing sign and decides to shoot it. His next problem is that the property owner, Colby Chambers is driving through one of his fields and sees him shoot the sign. Colby approaches Tyler to ask him why he is on his land without permission. Tyler is dismissive at first but when the owner threatens to call the cops, he begins to cooperate more. He’s given an ultimatum to either have the cops called or suck Colby’s dick. Tyler decides it’s a better idea to work this out with the owner than to deal with the cops so he drops to his knees and gets ready to service that cock. Colby is a sexy farmer wearing jeans and boots and unzips his pants exposing his thick seven inch cock. He leans back against the truck and Tyler gets to work putting that thick shaft in his mouth and sucks his cock. Tyler looks like an old pro the way he is slopping on his cock. Colby grabs the back of his head and pushes his mouth onto his cock deeper. He continues to get more aggressive and grabs the back of his head with one hand and his hair with the other, using his head as a handle as he forces him down onto his hard cock. Colby is ready to take more and he gets Tyler down on his knees and begins to slap his ass and get him ready to take his dick. He feels his tight hole with his finger and begins to probe inside of his ass before lubing his cock and ramming it deep inside the boy’s ass. He continues to pound his ass while he’s on his knees and gets deeper with each stroke. He then pushes Tyler against the truck and he starts plowing his tight ass while he leans against his tuck. He continues his aggressive fucking and slaps his ass, grabs his hair, and fucks him hard. Colby pulls his thick cock out and shoots a giant load of cum all over Tyler’s back. We’re not sure if Tyler will be trespassing again but we bet Colby sure hopes he does.


My Property

This amazing archive video shows me how much of your hot genius by only seeing you guys on Chaturbate!



My Property

Great plot and smoking hot sex. One of the best scenes I have ever viewed.

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