Mickey Knox- A SOLO

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Who doesn't love jerking off in other people's bathrooms!!! The boys of ColbyKnox were all shacked up in a hotel and the daily fucking and sucking that goes on between the boys wasn't enough for Mickey Knox. He sneaks away to the shower to suds himself up and do it the old fashion way. Just a stud and his hand!!! Mickey Knox handles his big hard dick like a pro, edging and jerking until he just cant take it anymore and blasts a huge load in climactic conclusion.



What a beautiful beautiful beautiful man ! You know you are one lucky guy Colby... ?? Thanks

Oh yes to all of this!

Mickey is such a beautiful man. You put him in a shower all wet and soapy and with spiky hair, and his sexiness level is off the charts! His huge cum load is a nice bonus too! Love this scene!