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This ColbyKnox hot gay porn release welcomes the newest model, Scotty Knox, to the site. Scotty is a sexy 18 year old stud with the perfect smile that will just melt your heart. In his first scene, Scotty is paired with Mickey Knox to help break him in for his first experience in the ColbyKnox bedroom. Mickey is versatile and really loves to get intense when he tops a tight ass. That just so happens to be a perfect fit for Scotty because he is also versatile but truly prefers to have his ass manhandled. The unscripted format scene starts off with Scotty and Mickey in bed together and it’s not long before their mouths are locked and feeling each other’s tongues touch against their lips. Mickey is grabbing at Scotty’s ass and quickly slips his shorts down, exposing his rock hard cock. Scotty gets on his knees and gets right to work taking that long hard shaft down his throat. Scotty works Mickey’s cock like a seasoned professional and gets some help taking the entire cock down his throat as Mickey pulls his head down onto his dick. Mickey then pushed Scotty on his back and crawls between his legs to return the favor of sucking his hard cock. Mickey demonstrates some excellent cock sucking skills as he takes Scotty’s cock down his throat. He then rolls Scotty over to start playing with his ass and prepping it to take the full force of his cock deep inside. Mickey lubes his cock and shoves all seven inches deep inside of that tight hole. Scotty is panting and moaning as he takes that hard cock pushing inside of his tight boy ass. Mickey works the entire length of his dick inside gently, getting his ass used to the girth before he unleashes the hard pounding. Climbing on top of the young stud, he is pounding his ass and giving his ass a full workout on the bed. Scotty is getting manhandled in multiple positions taking each stroke of Mickey’s hard cock inside his ass. The hard ass pounding only ends when Scotty strokes his load of warm cum into Mickey’s mouth while he strokes his load all over his chest. Scotty’s sexy premiere is a sure sign of good things to come at ColbyKnox.


Fucking 18 Year Old Scottie

In his very first gay porn scene, hot skinny 18 year old Scottie gets royally fucked by Mickey. Each hard stroke by Mickey seemed to elicit either a whimper or an "oh fuck" out of Scottie. Quite a bit of butt slapping by Mickey, which was hot. Nice ending of Scottie cumming into Mickey's mouth, which Mickey swallowed. Great first scene for Scottie, who no doubt walked around with a sore butt for several days thereafter. Bring this hot kid back.


Scottie is a keeper. I had fun watching it

Winner with the newbie

Scotty seems like just the right guy to join the CK team. It's so great when there really seems to be an easy rapport and great chemistry. Everything about this scene hit the mark for me.

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