Just For The Fun Of It

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Colby and Mickey are madly in love and have been since the first time they met. They have been together for well over five years now and still haven’t lost that lust for each other. They love getting online, chatting with all their friends and sharing that love with their many fans. Normally they don't record their shows but tonight, they decided to try something different and are being recorded by Scotty Knox. This is Scotty's first time behind the camera and he does a great job capturing the love shared between Colby and Mickey. This hot gay porn starts off with the lovers naked on the bed when one viewer submits a request. Happy to accommodate, Mickey lies on his back and spreads his legs for Colby to climb between. Colby starts intimately making out with him and you can see Mickey reaching under him to stroke his balls as he presses his tongue into his mouth. Colby switches positions and lies on his chest on the bed. Mickey works his way behind him and starts working his ass. Hard and horned, Mickey lubes his cock and starts pushing it inside of Colby’s tight ass. Easing his cock in, inch by inch, Colby moans as his ass is penetrated. Mickey flips onto his back and Colby climbs on to that hard throbbing cock for more ass play. Colby has taken all seven inches of Mickey’s hard cock but now he’s ready for his turn at a tight ass. He pushes Mickey on his back and starts pushing his hard shaft deep inside his tight man hole. Mickey enjoys every inch that is slid inside and takes that hard pounding like a champ. He is rewarded with a giant load of warm cum shot deep inside his ass. This hot action ends with Mickey shooting his load of cum all over Colby’s ass and then licking it up for a clean finish.


These guys never disappoint

A cam show with a twist: Scotty was filming so there are lots of angles and close ups you don't usually get with a cam show. For those (like me) who can't get enough of the husbands' kisses, this one's an instant fave. (Okay, yes, all husband scenes are instant faves... but still, kisses!)