Jack Hunter Fucks Eli Lincoln

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Jack Hunter and Eli Lincoln are enjoying a lazy spring day together. It's raining outside and there's nothing to do inside that seems like any fun. Eli has taken to his book and Jack has decided to roam the house waiting for something to happen. After a while Jack gets impatient and decides to make something happen. He offers to give Eli a massage but they both already know why. Jack wants to shove his huge cock inside Eli while he watches him squirm. An idea that Eli is not opposed to either. The though of getting fucked right there on the couch really turns him on. Just thinking about it makes Eli Hard and he accepts Jack's offer. What happens next is what they have both been waiting all day for.



Eli and Jack are great together. I loved the playfulness between them, and Eli was working his glasses like nothing else! I thought the ending was cute, even if some might miss the gag. Love this scene and would love to see more of both men very soon!

Eli & Jack

so are we supposed to think this was a fantasy of Eli's or is Jack just enough of a cad to leave the boy after he gets off? I'm hoping for fantasy. Anything else is totally uncool. Eli is hot as always - let's see more of him and his adorable fuckable ass.


Jack Hunter is so hot!! Love the contrast in this video, big hunk of a man with a big dick and a cute Twink with a perfect ass. 5 stars!!!

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