Spank That: Hurricane Facials -BONUS-

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Scotty Knox and Colby Chambers were supposed to be filming a scene inside today but there seems to be a hurricane barring down on them. Instead of just rescheduling they decided to embrace the storm and just go with it. Colby sets the couch up just inside the garage but perfect to view the storm. This way he can watch the wind blow while getting his fat cock sucked on. Scotty is ass up and ready for the beating of his life but still talking shit like always. Colby Spanks his naked asscheeks until they are bright red and makes Scotty beg for mercy. Then He makes Scotty suck his dick while he enjoys the storm. After a few minutes Colby can't take it anymore and blows his load right in Scotty's mouth.


Persevere through the storms, no matter what!!!

Damn!!! Scotty has a nice shade of bright red!! Bet it stung!!! Wow Colby sure was spanking that ass as he was getting close to blowing! How could you take that sting Scotty? I must saw I loved how as Scotty is jacking off we have the two serenaded with the tornado siren going off in the background. HAHA!!!

Scotty Gets Spanked and Sucks Cock

What a house guest Scotty Knox is to the ColbyKnox household. You can spank him, get blown by him and fuck him. During this hurricane visit, Scotty puts the first two talents to work What an epic teenage blow job, and what a big load of cum Colby shot into Scotty's mouth. With oral talents like Scotty's,, he must have been very popular with his buddies in high school!

epic cums!!

omg scotty gets colby all worked up and what a fucking explosion - could have drowned her!!! nicely done scotty and colby - and then a real surprise as scotty unloads on colby's face - dafuq???? what an awesome show gurlfriends - fucking love youse both xoxoxoxoxooxo - ps mickey did that wet spot develop to something more - asking for a friend xoxoxo

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