Hot Tub Fuck

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This new gay porn release from ColbyKnox features Colby Chambers and Tyler Sky relaxing in the hot tub of a cabin. The cabin nestled in the scenic mountains provides the perfect backdrop to an intimate scene between two sexy studs that share some great chemistry. The guys start off by sitting on the edge of the hot tub embraced in an intimate make out session. Gently holding each other’s body, the two are kissing and exploring with their tongues. Colby moves between Tyler’s legs and begins to lick his big uncut cock. Gently licking the tip and shaft, he slowly places his cock inside his mouth and he gives him some great oral relief. Colby is taking his time stroking the shaft of his cock and taking the shaft in his mouth. Tyler is entranced by the attention he receives from Colby and is moaning with extreme pleasure. Colby moves back to sit on the edge of the hot tub and it’s Tyler’s turn to start licking and sucking on his cock. He takes the shaft on his hand and begins to suck on all seven inches as it grows in his mouth. The intimate experience continues as they gently stroke each other’s hard cocks and make out on the edge of the tub. Colby makes a move to take the action to the next level by leaning Tyler over the edge of the tub and gently sliding his fully erect cock deep inside his tight ass. Colby continues grinding his cock in his ass, pushing harder and faster with each stroke. The fast pounding action continues as Colby begins to make waves in the hot tub and Tyler moans as his ass is penetrated. Colby grinds harder and harder and has Tyler pushed all the way over the edge of the tub and breathing harder with each thrust of his big cock. Tyler looks back around at Colby, looking tenderly into his eyes as he continues to intimately fuck his ass. Colby then sits on the edge of the hot tub and Tyler sits on his hard cock riding him up and down. Colby gets more excited as Tyler takes control of the fucking and pulls out to coat his entire face with his huge load of cum. These guys have enjoyed the tranquility of the mountain escape and made good use of the cabin’s hot tub.


Hot Tub Fuck

Hot as fuck and outdoor scenes are right up my alley!

Hot tub Fuck

Tyler's butt cheeks show traces of a little teenage acne. So Colby does exactly one should do when you get a hot naked teenager in a hot tub, you suck and fuck him! Great ending of Colby cumming into Tyler's open mouth. Tyler eats half of the load and wears the remainder on his face.

Hot tub fuck

Sexy, but outdoor scenes not my thing