Home Coming

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Jack Hunter has been away from home for far too long. The bond he shares with his partner Mickey has been pushed to its limit and they must see each other. Jack knows he could never turn his back on the promises he's made to his country but he must see his loving man. Jack, doing his best, is able to convince his superiors that he needs a one week leave so he can settle some business back home. Mickey has been notified of Jack's plan to return home for a few days and is so excited that he can't sleep. On the day of his arrival Mickey is going nuts. He keeps looking out the window like a puppy waiting for his master to return. Finally the wait is over and the two are reunited. Mickey leaps into Jacks arms and holds on tight. Finally his love has returned to him.


Awesome ++

Once again a rating of 20 out of 10 - the chemistry between Mickey & Jack is amazing in this scene - such powerfully gentle sex - Mickey enjoying every minute and every inch of Jack's cock! And those bouncing fucking balls - omg!! Jack's epic cum load devoured by Mickey was such a turn on for this cum-lover .... nice to see them swap some in their kisses. Love these two - amazing scene - great to see them together again - xoxoxox

great storyline

Jack and Mickey make this story really believable and very hot. I loved when Mickey jumped right into Jack's arms and the passionate action that followed from there. Great work team.

Tough Call

Can't decide if Jack is sexier in or out of uniform! Damn! Such a hot scene! Mickey is great as always! Hope we see more of Jack, he's one of my faves!