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Mickey Knox has received word that his partner, Jack Hunter, is headed home after a long military deployment oversees. It’s been months since Mickey has seen his man and he is anxiously awaiting his return home. He’s got the house ready and has been sitting on the couch near the door all day. Every time he hears a car drive by, he’s looking out the window. Hearing him pull up at the house, Mickey runs to meet this sexy soldier and jumps into his arms and Jack carries his lover back into the house. The reunion moves inside where Mickey helps Jack remove his military fatigues and unveils a rock hard nine inch throbbing cock already at attention. Mickey is soon on his knees gagging on all nine inches. Jack grabs the back of Mickey’s head to pull him down on his cock. As Mickey continues to slurp on that long fat cock, Jack reaches back to pull his ass cheeks apart and start admiring that tight exposed hole. It’s not long before Jack has that tight ass repositioned and is tonging his hole on the arm of the couch. It’s been a long time since these two have fucked but Jack wastes no times opening that ass wide with his monster cock. Mickey is begging Jack to fuck him and he happily obliges by shoving his thick shaft deep inside. Mickey moans and pants with pleasure as he starts to feel every inch slide deeper inside his ass. Jack knows it’s been a while since his man has taken that big cock but once he is sitting on the couch with Mickey riding his dick, it’s time to deliver the full force. Bouncing up and down, Mickey is in position to take his giant dick deep inside. Jack pushes Mickey against the coffee table and begins to plow his ass from behind. Thrusting harder and harder causes his balls to slap against his ass. Mickey’s welcome home party is completed with a sticky facial as Jack’s cock explodes, leaving a huge load of hot cum all over his face.



condoms again. very disappointing

Awesome ++

Once again a rating of 20 out of 10 - the chemistry between Mickey & Jack is amazing in this scene - such powerfully gentle sex - Mickey enjoying every minute and every inch of Jack's cock! And those bouncing fucking balls - omg!! Jack's epic cum load devoured by Mickey was such a turn on for this cum-lover .... nice to see them swap some in their kisses. Love these two - amazing scene - great to see them together again - xoxoxox

great storyline

Jack and Mickey make this story really believable and very hot. I loved when Mickey jumped right into Jack's arms and the passionate action that followed from there. Great work team.

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