Hazel Hoffman Gets DP'ed -BAREBACK-



Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox had scenes with hottie Hazel Hoffman. In this webcam show, sharing husbands are caring husbands. :-) Hazel is on his knees. Mickey on one side. Colby the other. They both worship his body. Mickey nibbles his chest. Colby licks those toned biceps. Mickey pulls up, placing sweet kisses on Hazel's lips. As for Colby, his attention turns to Hazel's hog. Colby and Mickey switch positions; Colby swaps spit with Hazel. Mickey slobbers over their guest's tool. Colby mentions something about a massage. In response, Hazel opens his mouth to service his host. The trio finally decide to try a massage. Hazel gets on his stomach. Colby takes the front; Mickey the rear. As his rump and back are massaged, Hazel services Colby. "Such a nice, plump butt," Mickey observes as he jiggles booty flesh. He can't help but take a taste. Colby grabs the back of Hazel's head, fucking his face. There's a brief "disagreement" about who will fill Hazel's backside first. Mickey wins. After he slides his bare rod inside, he and Colby make out over a prone Hazel. Colby patiently waits his turn. Mickey pulls out and Colby refills Hazel's tight hole with raw meat. Mickey takes the front; Hazel swallows him up. "You're so gorgeous," Mickey exclaims. "Fuck," Hazel moans. "Your dick feels so good." He also loves the taste of Mickey's cock. :-) It's so hot to see the husbands make out as they take care of Hazel’s entrances. "Fucking ram harder," Hazel pleads. Mickey stands up to play with his man's backside. Colby needs a water break. Mickey sits on the couch and is straddled by Hazel. "You have an amazing body," Mickey notes. Hazel sits and immediately goes up and down. Colby controls the camera; he has a suggestion. "No pressure but do you like to be dp’ed?" "Me," Hazel replies with a devilish grin. "I've never been dp’ed before." Hazel is rightfully worried about his tiny hole. "I'm scared," Hazel whispers as Colby gets behind him. "No pressure," Colby assures. He slowly works himself inside, causing Hazel to bite his lip. Colby nibbles on his ear. The husbands give him all the time he needs to get used to the fullness of it all. Hazel's back arches as he takes the slow strokes. Mickey spreads his cheeks. "You're trooper," Mickey says as Colby pulls out. He re-enters. "Fuck it," Hazel whimpers. "Do you want to see that DP creampie," Colby asks the audience. "What do the people say?" The people are for it! Who wouldn't be? :-) "Fucking fill me up," Hazel begs. Colby floods Hazel's tunnel with cum. "Did you feel my coming," Colby wonders off screen. "That felt amazing," Mickey replies. "That was hot," Hazel agrees. They are left to their own devices. Hazel gets on his back, his legs pulled to his chest. Mickey gets back inside the juice filled hole. Mickey hammers to the balls. "Keep fucking me," Hazel whimpers. They return to Hazel riding Mickey. Hazel wants an opportunity to fuck Mickey. He gets on his back and Hazel sticks his tool inside. At first he's gentle. Soon he hammers to the balls. "Fuck me," Mickey moans. Colby works the camera to give the audience a view of Hazel's buns working it. "Making me hard all over again," Colby jokes. "Good," Hazel responds. As for Mickey, he reaches around to grab those cheeky buns. Colby returns to the couch. He re-enters Hazel. He and Mickey make a "Hazel sandwich." The husbands are the bread; Hazel is the tasty meat in between. "Fuck my man," Colby orders. Hazel fucks and is fucked. Watch Mickey's toes curl. "That's so hot," he groans. Mickey wants to watch his man give Hazel a second drilling. He beats his meat as he looks on. Colby gives Hazel everything he has. Mickey can't handle all of this excitement. He shoots a load that hits his chin! He licks up the juice that lands on the couch. Why waste such tasty cream? :-) Hazel, who needs an award for handling all of this dicking down in one session, returns to his back. Colby's staff refills the boy’s hole. "Fucking fill me up," Hazel begs. "Fucking give me another fucking load. Fucking fill me up. Fucking come." Colby does, leaving a second massive load inside Hazel. The drained cuties decide it's time for a Taco Bell run! Makes sense. They must replenish all those lost nutrients!


Colby and Mickey tag team fuck Hazel including a DP! Very hot!

the boys are looking tight and toned. it's a perfect vanilla fantasty

So freaking hott. 100% YUM! I'm so glad Hazel has on tattoos messing up his beautiful body.

Probably your best ever! All 3 of you obviously had fun!!!!


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