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Nothing beats a romantic night in front of the fireplace with two sexy studs. This adult gay porn opens with Scotty Knox and Colby Chambers lip locked and enjoying the feel of each other’s tongue probing inside their mouths. The fire is warm against their naked bodies and makes their skin extra sensitive to the touch. Lying side by side, these two are intimately exploring their hot bodies and rock hard big cocks. With his body pressed against Scotty, Colby begins to explore his tight ass with his fingers and getting more and more excited about his next conquest. Scotty is eager to please and wants to feel the sensation of Colby's thick cock push deep inside him. Colby is rock hard from making out with Scotty and wants nothing more than to slide his long thick cock deep inside Scotty's warm wet hole. Pushing his legs up, he moves into position and teases his greased cock against that tight ass. With a firm grip on the shaft of his long cock, Colby begins to push his cock against his tight hole carefully working himself inside. Colby is gentle while pushing it in and looks Scotty right in the eyes as he slides himself in, inch by inch. The thick girth of the cock inside Scotty's ass is more than he is used to but he’s lost in the heat of the moment and accepts the challenge. A feeling of pure ecstasy engulfs Scotty's body as Colby starts to thrust slowly in and out of his tight ass. Moaning with pleasure, Scotty grips the sheets on the bed, screaming fuck me harder with every twitch and nudge of his ravaged body. Struggling to take it all, Scotty lets out a few load moans that excite Colby even more and he can feel his cock swelling inside him wanting to explode. The feel of that tight ass wrapped around his cock results in a massive load dripping off his chin as Colby moans and growls with climactic pleasure.



What a hot, sensual fuck with Scotty getting the prize for his great bottoming.

Colby Fucks Scotty

Hot fuck by Colby of 18 year old twink Scotty. Must have been better than high school blow jobs. Although, the way Scotty was into the hard slaps by Colby on his ass cheeks, perhaps Scotty had been giving up his hot little ass to the jocks on his high school sports teams! Great ending of Colby giving Scotty a facial with a lot of his cum going onto Scotty's tongue, into Scotty's mouth and being swallowed. Great scene!


Well well well Colby does some of his better work in front of the fireplace. The kissing alone was so fucking hot- I almost well I waited because it got even better if that was possible. Scotty has the sexy looks on his face when he is looking in the camera and those hot freshly kissed lips.. Colby was so slow with things and the passion was off the chart. Need less to say I loved it ! Love you guys ( I know you were there Mickey ) it was some kind of HOT.. a girls dream..??

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