Free Form Gym Fuck -BAREBACK-

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In this new video release from ColbyKnox, the boys have some fun with guest porn star Ty Mitchell. Mickey Knox joins Ty and Colby Chambers as they are working out, both boys pumping away in different parts of the gym. Mickey gets the boys to do some lifting; he also has some fun with them. Colby Chambers makes it well known that he's definitely feeling for a taste of some Ty Mitchell. Mickey lines the boys up to do some bench press work. Colby spots him, hovering his obviously hard dick right around Ty's face. Ty takes the bait and goes right for Colby Chambers' big, thick cock, sucking him off right there on the weight bench. The boys get back to working out for a few short moments. However, Colby Chambers catches Ty on the ab-wheel, with his ass in the air. Unable to resist Ty's perky, tan butt, Colby dives right in for a rim-tastic feast. Once Colby has his fill he takes a seat on the bench, urging Ty to mount up and hop on. Ty Mitchell rides the hell out of Colby's big dick until Colby lifts Ty completely off the bench, fucking away at the stud as he holds him midair!!! He eventually places Ty back on the bench, getting some face to face missionary fucking; he makes out with Ty while tapping that tight, sexy ass. Colby lifts Ty on the bar of the weight bench, without missing a chance to hammer away at him. This leads to his first cum shot of the scene. The boys move to the fitness ball for Colby's all time favorite position: doggy style!!! He pounds the fuck out of Ty until they cum at nearly the exact same time!!!! Enjoy!!!


Gym Fuck

After an erotic gym workout with Colby teasing Ty with his hard cock, and Ty teasing Colby with his hot little ass, a sensational fuck broke out. Colby's first cum shot started inside of Ty's butt and finished when Colby pulled out to complete the cum shot on Ty's ass with the first part of Colby's orgasm seeping out of Ty's butt. Very hot. Using his cum still inside of Ty as lube, Colby resumed the fuck and orgasmed a second time. The cum was flowing like wine.

holyfuck 10 out of 5 rating here!!

what a great video …. some amazing shots and great chemistry between these two! Colby soooo fucking hard in those shorts - Ty's ass is epic and just seeing the ass gets Colby hard! speaking of epic - amazing fucking holding Ty while Ty holds the bar … great fucking cum shot and the second Colby cum shot and Ty cum shot on the ball were unreal …… and of course the pit licking was fucking epic - thanks Colby and Ty for including that …. omg this gurl loved it xoxoxoxo love you Colby & Ty & Mickey!!! xoxoxoxo

Innovative Workout

Hot sexy workout with Colby and Ty - The mid-air action is amazing and the final dual cumshot unbelievably explosive...great job guys! L

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