Every Room in the House "The Sunroom"

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Colby Chambers and his husband, Mickey Knox, are going to fuck in "Every Room In The House." In this first release from their new gay porn series, the guys are having fun in the ColbyKnox house and have chosen to play in the sunroom to start off the series. The guys start the action off by making out and rubbing each other on the couch. It’s not long before Colby is reaching inside of Mickey’s shorts and feeling around for that hard cock. Mickey is happy to have his cock sucked and exposes his hard throbbing shaft for Colby to service. Mickey gets Colby on his hands and knees on the edge of the couch and starts eating his ass. Colby asks for him to spank him and he’s happy to oblige that request while he’s still eating that tight hole. While Colby is still on his hands and knees Mickey slides his long hard shaft inside that tight ass. After pounding his ass for a while, Mickey pulls his throbbing hard cock out of Colby and starts to eat his freshly fucked hole. This excites Colby to no end and gets his cock raging hard. Once Mickey has had his fill of Colby's tight ass he tells him that he is ready for his ass to get pounded. Colby has no problem at all, sitting back and letting Mickey sit on his hard shaft. The only requirement Colby has for this hot fuck is that Mickey allows him to cum in his sweet ass. Mickey has been craving a warm load all day and Colby is happy to help satisfy that craving. He lays face down and lets Colby thrust inside him until his cock erupts with cum filling his tight hole to the max. Once finished, Colby pulls his wet cock out of mickey and watches the cum ooze out of him. These hot lovers produce one hell of a hot gay porn and everyone will be eager to discover what room the fuck in next.


Great sex

Hot sex and great creampie.

beautiful ass

Loved the cum squirting out at the end, boys


This scene is a 10 !!! The body worshipping was the very best.. I really do love you two.. The kissing was the sexy thing I have ever seen. I envy your relationship together. I just joined and I can’t get enough of you two.. a women who loves watch you together.. ?? Thank Scotty you did a great job.

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