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The ColbyKnox men are back for another live cam show. Joining Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox is Oliver Saxon who has come to the house in a baseball uniform for some hot role play fun. In this hot gay porn video, Colby and Mickey see that sweet ass in those tight pants and are ready to deliver some serious wood to this ColbyKnox house rookie. That sweet ass is irresistible in the uniform and the guys have him pushed down on the bed and have pulled his pants down below his ass. Colby is first to bury his face in that ass and taste just how sweet his hole is. Mickey is next and they begin to swap back and forth as they feast on his luscious ass. Colby offers up his cock for Oliver to start sucking while Mickey continues working that sweet hole. Having sufficiently prepped his tight ass, Colby is the first to step up to the plate and bends Oliver over the bed, pulling down his pants just far enough to ram his cock deep inside. He rams his cock deep inside that hole and gives him a workout worthy of the hot baseball player he portrays. Mickey is on deck on steps up to give that rookie’s tight ass another balls deep pounding with his meaty cock. Colby moves behind Mickey as he power drives that hole and takes a ride on his man’s ass. Colby is controlling the action as he drives the fucking with his back and forth grinding. Colby and Mickey prove to be a great husband team as they show Oliver that his natural role on the field and bed is as a catcher. The guys enjoyed rounding the bases with this hot baseball stud and left his big league ass covered with thick loads of cum.



Your new scene comes out tomorrow but, I needed my daily CK fixs !! Loved the scene. Oliver is very young but, hot ! Watching you guys getting ready to cum is so fucking sexy.... Colby you standing there an Mickey knowing what to do has a deeper meaning to me than you guys just making a great scene.. Being professional, having respect for each other and having fun is a lot .... you guys pull it off every time your relationship with each other is so HOT- I guess that is why I am hooked... ??


A perfect threesome: declicous,beauty and intensity! I was breathless and about to watch again, Oliver is a talent to behold. Thanks guys

Fucking the Baseball Player

For those who like gay male porn with jock role play as I do, this scene was smoking hot. After the first sixteen minutes of Oliver's ass being rimmed, spat into and lubed, that butt was very hungry for cock, and did he ever take it from both Colby and Mickey for the remainder of the video. Oliver must have had one sore butt at the end of this scene.

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