BONUS VIDEO Beach Motel Fuck Fest -Bareback-

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In this bonus video release from ColbyKnox, the boys have had a long fun day at the beach. But that doesn't mean they dont have some energy left take care of what they have all been thinking about all day. Scotty Knox makes the first move helping himself to a double dick buffet compliments of Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. Scotty goes back and forth on the two handsome studs while they try to work the camera and catch every bit of it. Doesn't take long though before Robin Moore joins the party and wants a piece of the action as well. This sexy blonde Twink comes in and promptly offers his ass up for some fun and attention. Colby and Mickey take Robin Moore bareback and make sure everybody gets what they need. Dont miss this totally off cuff bonus video from the boys!!!



OMG what a hot fucking scene - from Scotty's amazing tongue action on those husband cocks to the intense Robin fucking - omg when Mickey enjoyed Colby cum from Robin's ass - in a word holyfuck - and then Mickey's intense explosion with Colby coaching An absolutely fucking awesome fuck and suck scene!!! CK keeps surprising us with amazing twists!! Congrats on another amazing scene!!

Scotty's mouth

Your videos get hotter and hotter when u guys do twinks...thanks. love the raw bareback action...more nasty talk, please.

Double creampie!

This scene is a voyeuristic wet dream! I love the off-the-cuff feel of this scene.

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