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We would like to take a moment to introduce the bubble butt attached to Eli Lincoln. Eli is a pretty cool cat himself but that ass he carries around all day has a personality of its own. Eli knows all too well that some boys just want to touch the hinny. Colby is no exception, when he first met Eli all he could do is touch his butt. Eli is a soft spoken kind heart that loves to have fun. He fits right in with the boys and they had fun all week playing together. In tonight's show you can tell that Mickey has yet to have his turn with Eli. Before the show is even set up Mickey is on top of Eli licking his plump ass. With his cock throbbing Mickey just wants to fuck. He can barely wait for half the timer to count down before he is already pushing the head of his cock inside Eli's tight ass. Of course Colby was not just going to sit back and watch as his Husband fucks away, So Colby throws on a rubber and tags in himself. Bending Eli over and pounding his tight hole from behind. Thrusting his hard cock inside Eli over and over until he is ready to explode all over Eli's back side. The cum shoots out at first but then starts to drip from the head of his cock as Eli looks back with excitement. Next Mickey dives in to clean up all that warm cum with his tongue. We expected nothing less from the three boys and they delivered just like always.



I'm new to this site and very glad I joined. Mickey & Colby have long been favorites of mine; this Eli, WOW!, that face, those nips, that ASS! And he seems like a fun dude too. This top would definitely enjoy a round with him. Are we gonna see more of Eli?

Awesome introduction

This is one of their hottest threesome scenes. Eli is an eager bottom with an amazing ass, and the chemistry he has with the boys is incredible. We get a chance to see Mickey's more dominant side come out (yay) and Colby is (as always) a perfect top. Can't wait to see more with Eli and the boys!

Weldcome Eli

A 37 minute video devoted essentially to Eli's very hot and fuckable ass which spends most of the time getting pounded first by Mickey, then by Colby and then by Mickey again. Special highlights: Colby cumming on Eli's butt and Mickey then licking all and using his cum covered tongue to rim Eli a little more, and, amazingly, the overall majority of the time, Eli was smiling , showing how much he enjoyed the two big dicks pounding him. At the end of the scene, Eli actually said that he felt like he had just gone to heaven. That's one kid who really enjoys bottoming, and Mickey and Colby equally enjoyed pounding Eli into soreness as well.