Wash Me

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In this new gay porn release, Mickey Knox and Junior Fernandez are outside washing the car when a little horseplay gets them sidetracked from their task. Having to wash the car is never really exciting, unless you happen to be over at Mickey’s house. It was a hot day and they thought that washing the car in their underwear would help them avoid some of the heat. Little did they know that this would only lead to a hotter experience in more ways than imaginable. Soaping the car is nowhere near as fun as soaping up their hot bodies and the fun has them both sporting huge erect cocks. Junior splashes Mickey with some of the water from the wash bucket and it’s not long before they are splashing each other. Mickey pushes his boxers off exposing an already hard cock and the two studs start stroking each other’s cock while making out. Pinned against the car, Mickey has his tongue in Junior’s mouth. He then asks Junior to get down on his knees and suck his cock. Mickey grabs the back of his head and pushes his cock deeper into his mouth. Mickey’s cock is hard and ready to play so he pins Junior against the car to eat his luscious ass. Leaning against the car, he is moaning with pleasure as his ass is probed with Mickey’s tongue and fingers. Once he has that hole wet and loosened up, he rams that big dick deep into Junior’s ass. It’s not long before the action moves to the back of the car where Mickey is pushing his thick meat deep inside of that tight wet hole. Pushing his hard cock deep inside that tight ass, each thrust is met with Junior grinding against his cock. Having had his turn pounding his ass, Mickey offers up his tight man hole for Junior to take a turn shoving his cock deep inside his ass. Mickey is hosed down by a warm load of sticky cum. They knew the car needed to be hosed down but they didn't expect to hose each other down as well.


When Two Hot Young Guys Wash a Car

Mickey and Junior show us what happens when two hot young guys wash a car. A little horseplay leads to two cocks getting sucked, butts getting fucked, and, for good measure, Junior cums into Mickey's mouth who of course swallows.

Car Wash Buddies

Now this is the way to wash a car and have fun at the same time. Mickey and Jr my car and me are ready anytime :)

Wash me next please!

Nice and simple but believable storyline idea. Outdoor sex is always fun to watch. Great camera shots and POV angles. Nice flip flop sex with lots of oral and rimming. Two hot, sexy guys. Loved the cum shots as well!