Two Men and a Fuck

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Colby and Mickey are finally ready for their big move. Hiring the help of two young men in the area, they are ready to pack up the house. Mickey Taylor and Junior Fernandez are the two movers that have been hired for assistance. As soon as the boys see Mickey and Junior they are blown away. Two hot studs helping out with stuff, that is not bad at all. Shortly after getting started they realize there is not enough bubble wrap so Colby and his husband head to the store leaving Junior and Mickey T all alone. Hoping they could avoid the heavy lifting Colby and Mickey take their time. Little do they know they are missing all the fun back at the house....


Two Men and a Fuck

Great scene as the movers hired by Colby and Mickey, Junior and Brit Mickey, have a great fuck unaware that Colby and Mickey are watching on home security cameras. From between Junior's legs the Brit Mickey shot a load in the air that went above Junior's stomach and abs all the way up to high on Junior's face. At the end of the scene, our Mickey has already taken Junior into his bedroom closing the door. Let's see in Part 2 if Colby can turn Brit Mickey from a top to a bottom.

Epic plus!!!

What a scene - cut & uncut cocks - tatts and no tatts - cocks as hard as they cum!! Where do I go to contact this moving company? Great sex - and amazingly epic cum shots - in the house and in the CK Limo outside the house Four amazingly pretty models - hats off to all for a great scene. Love youse four xoxoxo

Movers with a

My lame sense of humour doesn't do these guys justice. They are all great at what they do and sexy as anything. I especially liked the small part that Colby and Mickey played in the scene and having 5 cum shots in the same scene was a treat.