Toss Around

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After the way Jakes (attempted) solo went. We thought it only made sense to just turn Colby , and how that boy can take a pounding.


Toss Around

Colby was good and active as usual but my opinion was he could have gotten as much passion and feeling out of a blow up doll. Sorry, but Jake just didn't inspire me at all. He's hot looking for sure, maybe when I see him in something where he's more animated. kcpornfan2

Colby and Jake

If you have the time to watch Jake's first solo scene and this one filmed two weeks later, it is well worth it as the two scenes are best viewed together. In the first one, Jake shows up for his first scene ever which is only supposed to be a solo scene. His scruffy facial hair makes him look like the 20 year old college student he is. Being nervous, Jake is slow getting it up, so he accepts Colby's kind offer of company and help which morphs into mutual blow jobs. Obviously running short on time, Colby wants to shove his fat dick up Jake's butt to fuck the cum out of him, but Jake replies "maybe next time" to which Colby replies "definitely." So going into this scene both guys expect Colby to fuck Jake. Two interesting things happen: first, Jake shaves off all of his facial hair, now looking years younger like a forward on his high school basketball team and second, Colby's becomes a dominant top. Great fuck!

Colby and jake

It was ok not my thing

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