The Picnic Pounding with Dan Evans -BAREBACK-



The weather at the ColbyKnox house is perfection. Bright sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Dan Evans has also been visiting. When we first met the stud, he gave Mickey Knox a number of strokes to fondly remember. In this video, Colby Chambers, Mickey’s man, has Dan outside. There’s a bottle of wine, a corkscrew, and two empty glasses. The camera finds Dan and Colby, naked, on a white blanket. There is serious smooching. Dan is on his back; Colby on top. He bites one of Dan’s nipples. Then Colby leans down, licking Dan’s stiff dick. Colby doesn’t neglect the cum heavy balls. “Fuck, yeah,” Dan encourages. The boys return to passionate kissing. Colby maneuvers to his knees. Dan moves to his stomach and starts sucking Colby off. “Those lips are on my dick,” Colby observes. “Slobber all over it.” Dan works all the way to the base. “It fits so well down my throat,” he says, coming up for air. “It’s fucking made for that throat,” Colby replies. He reaches for Dan’s backside, giving each cheek a slap. Colby holds Dan’s head in place to face fuck him. Dan gurgles and gags, allowing his gullet to be used. “Take my dick,” Colby commands. “I can’t wait to feel this inside me,” Dan notes. He comes up and Colby explains what’s going to happen next. “I’m going to spread those cheeks and fuck you,” he says. “Fuck, yeah,” Dan whispers. He remains on his hands and knees as Colby moves behind him. Dan’s hefty slab of beef peaks out and Colby swipes at it with his tongue. Then he plunges between the supple cheeks. “Open me up,” Dan groans. Colby makes a meal out of that ass. His tongue swirls around Dan’s hole. To give Colby more access, Dan gets on his side, pulling a leg to his furry chest. Colby pulls up and squeezes the tip of his bare dick inside. “I want it,” Dan explains. Colby reaches for lube, slathers some on, and slowly crams his tool inside the taut opening. “You feel so fucking good,” Colby exclaims. He picks up the hammering speed. “It’s your hole,” Dan groans. This statement causes Colby to fuck more intensely. “Take my hole for a fucking spin,” he declares. The hotties situate themselves so Dan is on his back. “Submit that ass,” Colby instructs. He clutches Dan’s dick. “Oh, my God,” Dan whimpers. “It feels so good.” Colby makes sure each stroke is to the balls. “Stretch me out,” Dan groans. He wants to take a ride. So Colby gets on his back. Dan straddles him and the camera catches a museum worthy angle of Dan’s booty getting pierced by the thick shaft. He goes up and down; his hole making room for Colby’s rod. “Fuck. You feel good,” Colby says. He reaches back, grabbing scoops of ass. Colby takes back control of the fucking. “You’re hitting me so deep,” Dan whispers. His “special spot” gets premier service because his dick slams against Colby’s stomach. Dan returns to his hands and knees. “Spread those legs wide,” Colby mumbles. “Goddamn. That’s hot.” When Colby’s meat re-enters, Dan arches his back. “You’re such a fucking stallion,” Colby remarks. He takes his stallion out for one more loop. :-) “I want you to bury a load deep in me,” Dan declares. “That’s what that ass is for,” Colby retorts. As he’s being pounded, Dan furiously beats his meat. He soaks the blanket with man juice. After milking out the last drop, he falls on his stomach. Colby keeps pounding. “Oh, fuck,” Dan says. “I want your load.” He gets all of it. Colby’s creampie leaves so much cum in Dan’s ass it oozes out, leaving a thick cum trail on Dan’s nuts. The cuties bring the video to an end with kissing. Looks like summer is going to be a whole lot of fun at ColbyKnox!


Really nice scene. Daniel pumped out a great load (needed a dark sheet). Watching Colby drop his load into Daniel from behind is a nice change. The cum leaking out of Daniel's ass was a real bonus!!!!!!

The beauty of two men exploring each other's bodies is what makes the opening segment so hot. Colby sucks cock with a passion and then fucks Dan with hot deep thrusts. Show ends as it began with the two appreciating the beauty of his lover's body.


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