The Perfect Shot

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It's always a challenge for the models and crew alike to keep their hands off each other until call time. When the models save their loads for two or three days before a shoot, it makes it that much more difficult to remain patient and not release some steam for the upcoming scene. Eli Lincoln is in town to film a hot gay scene and his scene partner is late so Mickey Knox decides to go ahead and get some outdoor stills while they wait for him to show. Eli catches Mickey making eyes at that beautiful ass early on in the shoot and it’s easy to see that there’s some serious chemistry developing between the two studs. When they both start to get hard, it's not too difficult to figure out where this is going. Short of his scene partner showing up immediately, it’s looking like Eli isn’t going to have a load in the reserve. They begin to grab at each other’s hard cocks and the action quickly advances to a worked up Mickey down on his knees in front of Eli deep throating that rock hard, young cock. A few minutes later and Mickey has Eli bent over the patio steps with his tongue deep in between his plump inviting thighs. After Mickey gets Eli Lincoln's tight warm hole hot, wet and hungry, he plunges his rock hard cock inside of Eli. Wrapping his arm around Eli to maintain a firm grip on his prey, Mickey drives deeper and harder, mounting him right there on the steps of the patio. He rides the hell out of his beefy, tight ass until they both retreat into the house panting and ready to pick up where they left off. These two sweaty studs don’t waste any time before going right back at it on the couch. Mickey continues to fuck Eli until neither of them can hold out any longer and they let loose two big, wet, hot and sticky loads. They finish right on time for Colby to walk in the room and catch the aftermath of their misdeeds. Hopefully Eli’s ass can do an encore, should his scene partner ever arrive.



Good morning Sherry !!! I am now ready for my 12 hour shift !!! Love Eli I have watched him before.. Beautiful day hot sexy sweaty guys fucking anywhere they can. Who won’t love this scene. Loved it !! Great set up for the scene with a photo shot- Colby at the end ??

amazing detail

great scene - eli and mickey have some chemistry going on (how can mickey get that fucking hard that fucking fast!!) - great rimming - awesome cum shots ...... great pits on both of them too colby at the end was so classy ..... fucking love you three xoxoxoxo


Eli and Mickey's chemistry in this scene was off the charts hot. Loved how we got to see a more dominant side of Eli. Mickey was the perfect top to Eli's perfect ass, and you could almost feel their desire through the screen. Amazing! Can't wait to see more of Eli on the site!

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