The French Lesson

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Colby Chambers has been struggling with which language he wants to take on for some time now. At first he was thinking about Spanish, but since then he has tried Swedish and now has his eyes on French. One might come to believe that Colby simply enjoys the company of his tutors. His French tutor is River Wilson, a stunning young man that is bursting with personality. Colby is drawn to his French Canadian accent and instantly wanted to learn how to speak French. Not only does Colby want to be able to speak the language he wants most to hear it while he thrust his cock inside River. Accents have always turned him on and River's voice is magical. River Wilson knows exactly what Colby wants and is more than pleased to give it to him. As Colby pounds his tight ass River moans and lets out a cry then he says something in French with that beautiful voice. Colby can't understand what it means yet but just hearing it pushes him over. His cock can't take anymore and he shoots his thick load all over River's smooth ass.


Sign me up!!! Parlez vous?

Wow - great scene - River is simply so fucking adorable - beautiful body - great pits - great nips - sexy voice and smile - great cock & balls and omg that pretty ass!! Colby really enjoyed River's ass too! 2 great cum shots - nom nom nom .... River can teach me French any time! Great scene you two!! Love you xoxoxo