The Adventures of Batman and Robin--Part 1 (A ColbyKnox Parody)

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Welcome superhero fans! In this new Colby Knox new gay porn parody, we join Robin, our hero in distress, being broken down by one of the diabolical thugs from the infamous Gotham City crime community. This superhero’s resolve is strong, but when something goes wrong neither he nor the thugs are unable to control where their instinctual bodily urges take them. The lines of hero and villain begin to blur as a primal urge takes over. Superhero Robin, played masterfully by Christian Bay, finds himself captured and tied up in the basement of some of Gotham’s most notorious thugs. The two thugs, played by Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, have this beautiful superhero bound and in full interrogation mode trying to break him down. It doesn’t take long before they begin to expose him to the full dark side of Gotham and they take turns using the boy wonders hot warm mouth for a sweet exchange of cock sucking fun. Unable to move, Robin takes two full mouth pounding cocks from the thugs before thug pup gets his opportunity to hump away at the superhero’s mouth. The boy wonder doesn't make it out of his bonds before Colby Chambers gets a nice big mouthful of that sweet superhero cock. The thug’s pup is so eager to get inside of Christian Bay’s tight plump ass he doesn't even wait to get him untied. Robin is in for a night full of ass domination and gets moved to the floor where the thugs can have their way with his powerful ass. Who knew a superhero’s belt and cape could be so useful for getting extra leverage to grind deeper into their ass? The two take turns smashing that sexy superhero ass again and again as Robin takes what’s being given to him. Colby is first to bust his giant load of warm cum all over Robin’s tight ass. Thug Pup Mickey, follows his master’s lead and gets one last ride on the superhero ass before shooting his load. Like a good pup, he takes his time to clean up the sticky mess by licking up both loads. After the two thugs have collapsed from exhaustion, Robin strokes out his own huge load of cum. Enjoy this Halloween Gay Porn Parody by Colby Knox featuring body art by Taylor Reign.


Fucking Robin the Boy Wonder

For those old enough to remember the hit television show "Batman", each week Batman and his teenage boy assistant, Robin the Boy Wonder, fought and then defeated a villain by the end of the program. The villains were like the Washington Generals always losing to the Harlem Globetrotters. The TV show had a big gay cult following focused on Robin the Boy Wonder. Some gays speculated that Robin was off camera sucking and getting fucked by Batman, Others fantasized about fucking teen aged Robin's virgin ass. What a great Halloween parody this scene is. Two villains, Colby and Mickey (who as Dog-man is doing a parody of the Catwoman villainess from TV show) capture Robin, perfectly played by Christian Bay who has both the youthful looks and sexual talents for this parody, and have their way with him both orally and anally. At long last the gay sexual fantasy of Robin the Boy Wonder is shown on film, and the villains finally win.

masterful - epic

omg such a hot scene - tip of the hat to taylor reign for awesome fucking paintwork ...... christian's body has exploded - such amazing ass - thighs - chest and arms - omg what a change since christian's last visit to ck of course colby & mickey are excellent and adorable in their roles (as always) ..... three amazing cum loads - great scene - congrats to colby & mickey & christian & taylor - love youse all xoxoxoo

Puppy Knox's Playful Antics

First off, let’s acknowledge/congratulate Taylor Reign's amazing talent w/ body paint that’s both faithful to the comic book & accentuates Christian's ineffably hot body. This superbly crafted scene begins with thug Colby questioning the genuineness of the friendship/alliance professed by the Batman-Robin dyad. Puppy Knox inadvertently shows that it is the thugs' own alliance that should be questioned when his prank results in an unplanned sequence of events: a threesome of superhero proportions that not only heals whatever relational breach Puppy Knox's playful antics may have caused with thug Colby, but awesomely reconciles these inveterate enemies. Moral categories, so sharply drawn in the mythos of the comic book, give way to wild abandonment unto the supreme enjoyment of the male form. Robin, marvelously portrayed by Christian Bay, is made to be the cumrag of our wildest fantasies by Colby and Mickey ‘s mighty n' meaty members. Many thanks!

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