Stud in Supense

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Colby Chambers has invited his new friend, Logan Taylor, over to the house to play in his new submission room. He’s been stocking up on leather, restraining equipment, and lots of rope in hopes of finding a tight ass to come over and play. Logan is up for the challenge and willing to submit to Colby’s submission. Colby has bound Logan from head to toe in rope and suspended him from a restraining rack in his new room. Colby starts by paddling Logan’s ass with a leather paddle before shoving his thick cock down his throat. Colby has this defenseless boy right where he wants him and he rams his hard cock deep in his ass while still suspended by the rope. Using all the leverage from his rope system, Colby is able to bury his cock deep in Logan’s ass while pulling him back on forth on his long shaft. This suspended and bound ass play is hot enough to milk two loads from Colby and Logan is left hanging with a load of warm cum on his ass and face.


What a scene

Hot damn! Colby does bondage as well. This guy just gets sexier and more intriguing by the hour. I also appreciate that Logan was such a good sub for this scene. I find it hard enjoying scenes where someone isn't actually into the dynamic of the scene. But this was great and I laughed when I heard the tut-tutting from the camera man who I assume was Mickey when Logan got too careless with his teeth.


well done scene. Loved it and such beautiful guys- very hot

Stud in Suspense

Hot Hot Hot This is Colby's sexiest video yet. Logan and Colby are great together-Hot sext and great cum shots. Colby is really hot, sexy, and a great master in this video. Great fucking.