Spank That- A Blast From The Past with Mickey Taylor

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In this new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, we revisit a model the boys had in town years ago, the gorgeous Mickey Taylor!!!! We join the boys with Mickey Taylor already tied up and vulnerable, checking back at Colby Chambers with anticipation and just a tiny bit of fear in his eyes. Colby knows how to beat an ass, starting nice and slow, some light playful pops to get Mickey Taylors thick juicy bubble butt ready for the main course of beautiful glute based abuse. Doesn't take long before Colby Chambers has his right where he wants him and starts really laying into Mickey Taylors butt. Spanking away and seemingly getting more and more turned on has he dishes out abuse to the gorgeous London based model. Of course we all know Colby, no way he could resist a big ripe freshly beaten ass. He strokes his big dick a couple times which we have watched get bigger and bigger as the video goes on, and moves right into position to deliver a dick pounding equal to the one he just gave out with his hands. Enjoy!!!


Spanking and Fucking

I've never used spanking for foreplay, but this scene does exactly that as Colby spanks and then fucks Mickey T. Lots of college frats use spanking in initiating pledges. Adopting the spanking with fucking idea of this scene would make the pledge initiation more fun for all.


Colby you are the spank master or spank whisper ! Whichever- Mickey T has a hot ass like it was made to spank. Glad you took advantage of that.. I really loved the most how I could outline your penis through your shorts.. That was hot as fuck!!! Dismissing him at the end like get your fuckin money and get out “I am done.” I dream of doing that to a guy one day. Like fuck me then get out.. ?? lol Love you guys.. hey Mickey filming this must have been fun...??

Spank that!

I love how hard Colby gets just from spanking Mickey T. I can’t say I blame him one bit though. Mickey T. has such a beautiful and perfect ass, especially when it jiggles and turns bright red as he is getting spanked. Colby’s white cum dripping down Mickey T.’s red ass was exactly the ending I was hoping for!