So Much Mickey

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This ColbyKnox gay porn video features a live cam show with Mickey Taylor joining resident lovers Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox for some sweaty ass pounding action. Mickey Taylor has a sexy tatted body with an ass begging to be pounded. The night’s action starts off with Mickey Taylor rocking some sexy pink underwear sitting between the husbands. They get started with some body worship and Colby and Mickey Knox start kissing and licking their tatted guest. Sitting on the bed between Colby and Mickey, tonight’s guest is quickly positioned to receive a balls deep pounding from Colby. Mickey Taylor rolls over on the bed, presenting his luscious ass to the guys. Colby jumps right on by lying on top of their sexy guest and begins eating his ass. He then positions his cock against Mickey Taylor’s hole grinding up and down, teasing his ass. After taking turns sucking his cock, Colby throws Mickey Taylor’s leg over his shoulder, greases up his cock, and slides it inside that tight ass. He pushes deep inside and moves into position to get as deep as he can while Mickey Knox starts feeding their guest a mouth full of cock. Colby flips Mickey Taylor once more and fucks him from behind. It’s not long before he shoots a huge load of warm cum all over his ass and Mickey Knox is there to lick it up. Mickey Knox can only watch so long before he is on his back and watching Mickey Taylors ride on his cock. The Mickeys continue the action by flipping before Colby joins back in the action. Mickey Taylors brings his signature facial move as he paints Mickey Knox’s face with a huge load of warm cum. These guys have worked hard to feel each other’s tight throats and asses on each their cocks, always pleasing their online fans.



How the hell did I miss this one too ???? Mickey Taylor is so fucking hot !!! Colby like’s nice ass well OMG does he have one- holy shit it is gorgeous like him. MK like’s a big beautiful cock and well Mickey Taylor looks like he delivered on that one too... he sure knows how to use those hips and ass of his..This scene was smoking HOT.. thanks guys- I have to go find his other scenes with you... love CK !??

hitting the mark

These three are so sexy and the moves they each have when getting down to business with each other is so hot. From the beginning when Colby slid into Mickey Taylor and the slow thrusting and making out started it had me on the edge and the excitement lasted right through until the last second. This definitely hit the mark for me, just like Mickey Taylor's record for hitting Mickey Knox face with his cum shot.