Slave Interview 1

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In this Colby Knox adult gay porn, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are interviewing Sammy Sparx for a live-in slave position. This is a new process for Colby and Mickey and they are insisting on a thorough, hands-on interview with their prospective slave. Like any good slave, Sammy starts the audition off on his knees in front of his new masters. Colby gets the interview started by reminding Sammy of his role when he speaks out of turn. Grabbing him by the back of his head and pulling his hair, he reminds him that he is there to serve and to not speak out of turn. He then has Sammy begin to worship his body, rubbing his crotch and then licking his chest and arms. At this point Mickey has a raging hard on that needs attention and demands the boy in training to suck his cock. Mickey grabs the back of his head and pulls him deeper onto his hard cock, forcefully fucking his mouth. Sammy takes every inch of that thick cock down his throat without gagging like a good boy. Colby is ready to have his thick shaft worked and it’s his turn to feed his cock to their slave in training. He buries his entire dick down the boy’s throat and demands that he looks at him while he sucks his cock. Sammy gives a tender look of pure pleasure as he licks the head of his cock. Colby then bends over the weight bench telling his slave to eat his hairy ass. Sammy gets tongue deep in his hole while reaching under to play with Colby’s balls. Sammy gets back in his subservient position on his knees while sucking Colby’s cock. Mickey is next to get his cock sucked and that warm mouth has him dripping precum. He takes his finger to rub some of his precum on Sammy’s tongue before shoving his big dick back down his throat. Now that Sammy has both guys rock hard, it’s time for them to use his ass. Sammy bends over the exercise equipment and Colby rams his throbbing cock deep into the boy’s hole. He pounds him without mercy and uses his shoulders to pull him deeper on his cock. Colby then grabs him by the back of his hair while he pounds that sweet hole. Mickey then gets in on the domination by shoving his fingers into the slave’s mouth opening him wide and making him look into the camera. Mickey takes his turn ravaging Sammy’s ass by pounding him against the equipment. He uses his thick cock to open that tight boy hole up even wider, punishing him with each deep thrust. Colby and Mickey are pleased with Sammy’s interview and show their slave in training just how much by shooting two huge loads of cum on his face.


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Colby, please take one of your resident twinks and make them your new sex slave. Boss Man Colby knows what he wants and makes sure he gets it. Mickey, you are a sexy sweetheart. You 2 together are the perfect combination of naughty and nice (with a big dash of naughty.) *wink wink*

excellent video

This video was excellent, got me so horned up. I'd like to see another slave interview with a fully clothed Sammy where is forcibly stripped, spanked, punished and then fucked for the awful offense of wearing clothes while performing his outside slave duties. Once Colby and Mickey are done with him, he is told to be naked for the entire month while in the house and only allowed to wear undies outside and in public! Just a thought but this video was amazing!!!

slave interview

fucking hot guys. see mickey hard on bulge while filming was sexier then actually see the beautiful cock. love you nasty guys. keep up the hot action.

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