Robin Moore and The Boys

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Its another night of live fun at the ColbyKnox house. In this new gay porn release Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox once again play host to Robin Moore. Robin is still a little nervous being new to live shows and it comes off adorably in this video. The boys make sure and pay plenty of attention to Robin Moore, eating his perky plump butt while worshiping his smooth hot body. Eventually the boys take turns pumping away at this beautiful blonde bombshell until one at a time they all cum for our viewing pleasure!! Enjoy


Robin and the boys

Please, cameraman, can you stay away from the boys? We love to see the hole guy cumming, not just a microscopic view of the genitals.

“Moore” Robin please!

As a voyeur, I prefer the natural and unscripted feel of the cam shows. I’m so thankful you listened to so many of your fans who requested more recorded cam shows for on the site. My only request is more scenes and shows with Robin because he is so sexy! *heart eyes emoji*

robin & the boy

why can't you do your cam shows and then also do scenes for the site - do they have to be the same? I don't subscribe to the cam show channel so these shows as videos don't include me. as a subscriber I would rather watch a video where the participants are talking to each other, if they talk. I don't want to watch/hear them talking to the computer that's on the bed with them. This is why I don't let my subscription to CK go on forever. I buy in, watch a couple things I want to see and then cancel cuz everything that is posted afterwards is all this cam stuff. You guys have a couple models I don't see anywhere else, Eli Lincoln/Robin Moore, both of whom I like. But I guess I have to give them up cuz I'm not gonna keep paying for a video that doesn't play to me, but plays to an audience I'm not part of.