Robin and Eli Flip-Flop -BAREBACK-

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In this weeks new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, Robin Moore and Eli Lincoln get to have some fun in the gym!! So it's no secret these two boys have been crushing on each other for quite a while now. This video was all about them getting to do what they want and having it filmed the way they want it as well. Watching Robin start out as the dominate force in the video is so sexy, laying Eli down on the bench and making out with him. Robin works his way up and down Eli Lincoln;s body kissing him and licking his body and working his way down to licking and sucking his cock. Robin Moore gets primed up pretty quick and goes ahead and starts pumping his cock inside of Eli's glorious ass. Using the bench the boys go to town panting and fucking away until Robin decides he wants some dick as well. Robin bends over an exercise ball and presents his ass for the taking, Eli Lincoln quickly obliges, shoving his dick inside of Robins plump soft ass. Eli Lincolns pumps and fucks away at Robin's ass until it's just to much for Robin to take, erupting the first load of the video all over the gym floor. Eli flips Robin over and busts a big fat nuts all over Robins supple sexy skin. ENJOY!!!


Two Hot Young Bottoms Fuck

Robin and Eli are two of my fav young hot bubble butt bottoms. Until this scene, I have never seen either one top. So it was super hot to watch them go at it with each other in this flip flop fuck scene. Robin shot an enormous load of cum on the floor (check it out). They really look like two college boys going at it (even though Eli is five years older, he doesn't look it). Great bottoming as usual boys, and good topping too. Fun scene to watch.


Robin needs to get his pretty toes sucked,


Damn Eli has a beautiful booty among other things. Robin is a CK favorite. Enjoyed- I don’t know that they enjoyed the gym floor as much as you two do but, it was hot as flip scene.. I love these two !!! ??-Sherry