Return to the Tool Shed -BAREBACK-



Mickey Knox stroking his tool in the tool shed! That is how this week’s ColbyKnox update gets going. The stud muffin looks around, feeling himself up. He unbuckles a belt, fondling his meat through blue and white underwear. He pulls them and his pants down. His dick plops out and he strokes it. There's a bottle of lube behind him. He puts some on his hand, returning to taking care of himself. :-) His tool plumps; the head turning glossy. He's interrupted. "Baby? You about ready," Colby Chambers asks off screen. Mickey curses, trying to cover himself. “Seriously,” Colby teases, cutting in on his man’s jerking session. "Beating off here in the shed? We got company." "I know," Mickey sheepishly replies. “I don't want to go to the party rock hard." Colby wants to be as helpful as possible. "Let's speed it up," he says, bending over. He points his rump in Mickey's direction. "Got to go quick," Colby explains. "We're in a hurry." Mickey reaches down, caressing his boo’s booty. "You want to fuck my ass," Colby inquires. Mickey gets behind and gently works his way inside. Colby grits his teeth and his hefty tool sticks out. "Right up my ass," he whispers. Mickey lathers his meat with more lube. When he reenters, Colby closes his eyes. "Fuck me up my ass," he demands. Mickey picks up the pace. "Get off on my fucking ass," Colby wonders. "Fuck me." Mickey's strokes are long and strong. He fucks Colby just the way Colby gives it to Mickey. "Fuck that ass," Colby whispers. "Is that what you fucking need?" Mickey slaps Colby’s butt cheeks as he pulverizes his man’s insides. "You're so fucking tight," Mickey observes. The studs change positions. Mickey sits on the bench, facing the camera. Colby straddles him. His eyes roll as his insides stretch to accommodate Mickey. He reaches around and strokes his husband’s cock. "It's so good," Mickey says with a big ol' grin. "You sexy motherfucker." "You like fucking me," Colby wonders. "Better than your hand?" "It feels so fucking good," Mickey moans. "Make us both late to the fucking party," Colby speculates. Mickey gets on his back and Colby jumps back on his man's rod. "Give me that whole fucking cock," Colby commands. Mickey reaches around, seizing two hands full of Colby's ass. He pumps up. "Fucking tight ass," Mickey moans. "Grab those fucking ass cheeks." "Let me ride you," Colby suggests. "Take me for a ride," Mickey whispers." Get off on my cock." Colby's meat is close to an explosion. He goes up and down, his spot getting hit each time he grinds on Mickey's wood. "Fuck me in my ass," Colby whispers. "Fuck my butt." Mickey takes control as Colby strokes his johnson. He shoots a plentiful load all over Mickey's chest and stomach. "Lick it clean," Colby suggests. Mickey laps up the remaining juice on Colby's member. As he does that, Mickey is back where this video started: beating his own staff. He shoots a load that lands on Colby's ass and his stomach. The exhausted pair kiss. "I don't think we're going to make the party," Colby remarks. "Let's get cleaned up and fuck again.” "This time I get to bottom," Mickey retorts. Will Colby look for some “sweet revenge”? Or is that what Mickey hopes for? :-)


What a mess ! Lol. Colby you have one of the prettiest dicks in porn ! Mickey really shows it’s beauty.. hell you both are just hot and are beautiful lovers. Thank you for sharing…. Love Sherry


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