My Hero

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Growing up as a boy on the farm, Mickey had always dreamed about his famous caped hero. Imagining a chiseled hunk with superhuman powers and the ability to relieve suffering and pain, he had long fantasized about meeting his idol. Imagine his surprise when as a young man continuing his work on the farm, his long worshipped hero swooped down out of the blue. He long knew that this hero held great powers but he could never have imagined just what kind of mythical abilities he could unleash with a hard chiseled body and meaty cock. Mickey’s long held super hero fantasy has come to life and he is happy to surrender himself to the powers of this being. Watch as Mickey is gagged by giant cock before having his tight ass manhandled into submission with the deep thrusts of a superhuman dick in this gay porn video. The fantasy begins as his caped stud hero lands on his farm and makes a determined march across the field to meet the young stud. Mickey is in shock as this hero materializes in front of him and happily obliges to sucking that hero dick as he is grabbed by the shoulders and pushed down to his knees. That hard as steel cock is pushed balls deep inside of Mickey’s mouth and he gets face fucked. Turned around and pushed against the fence, he gets his ass eaten before the rock hard hero pushes his bare cock inside his ass. He pushes deep inside, penetrating his ass with a hard rhythmic fuck that has him panting and moaning. Mickey has his hero growling with pleasure and that sweet tight hole must be the hero’s one weakness making him explode in ecstasy all over his ass. Everyone needs this kind of real life hero adventure, watch as Mickey shares his fantasy superhuman experience.


Awesomely epic

OMG Colby and Mickey have done another outstanding job!! Superman is in his element - love the body paint!! Love the cum fucked into Mickey's ass! Love the superman eyes and take off! Great cumload for Mickey too!! You gurls are my heroes!!!!! xoxoxox

These guys are amazing

I love the playfulness that these two always display. They are so fun to watch before after and during their sexcapades.

Up and away

Fantasy becomes reality.