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There's nothing better than hanging out with your friends. Even more, there's nothing better than getting off with your friends while hanging out. Sometimes you just want to have a little fun while you touch yourself. What could be better than watching your best friend touching himself while he watches you touch yourself. Both of you locking eyes and moaning with pleasure. Shooting your warm loads while your buddy smiles and watches with anticipation. What a way to spend the day. Logan Cross and Mickey Knox know exactly how they are spending their day. Laying in the sun shooting their warm loads together.


Inspired by your buddy watching

What a great scene .... from soft to hard to cum and no touching each other - Logan's ass play - Mickey's spraying cum load ..... Logan's cumshot ...... wow - a different and exciting to watch these two do their thing inspired by their friend - xoxoxoxo - another 10 out of 5 stars!

just perfect

I didn't know this is what I needed from my porn until I saw this clip. It is so incredibly hot and I like that it shows that masturbation and especially ass play can be it's own event especially with a buddy to watch and be watched by. 10/10 for creativity, setting and sexiness.