Mickey in the Middle

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Parker Michaels has been in town working with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox on a few video shoots. Tonight, he stops by the ColbyKnox house to be the feature guest in the live video cam bedroom. Parker has a great personality and even better ass and the guys are excited that he has joined them in the bed. Mickey is first to fuck Parker’s tight ass as an impatient Colby mounts up behind Mickey to make for a very sexy three stud sandwich fuck. The hosts are eager to share Parker’s tight ass and pass him around the bed making sure he’s taking every inch they have to offer. Parker is rewarded for his sexy performance with two loads of hot cum as he is hosed down by Colby and Mickey.


Mickey in the middle

I have watched this video so many times since it was released :). I was there at this cam show and the chemistry is as always unbelievable. Love Colby and Mickey :). Parker is also another great addition to the ColbyKnox Family. You boys sure know how to pick them. Was a hot show and I enjoyed every minute of it. Love you guys -Bre (bre20 cb,breannathomas21 twitter)


awesome 3 some , we need a new word for 69er eh? ..hundred and four-er ? gr8 marketing - putting chaurbate stuff on ur own site - I fully approve. Need you to know how professional;ur worlk is ad also that the love and affection shows thru not just with Colby/ Knox buttt all ur vids with friends and theres some friendly humour too .. Gold Oscarsto you all and so much thanks for sharing,, cheers and Love DooBee from own Under :)