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In this week’s ColbyKnox new gay porn video release, Mickey Knox is in the market for a new home. Things seem to be progressing normally until Colby Chambers, the friendly neighborhood real estate agent, sets Mickey loose to inspect the house on his own. He keeps seeing a glimpse, just a flash in the corner of his eye, of a young sexy stranger meandering through the house. But every time Mickey turns around to get a clean look at the stranger, he’s never there. That is until Robin Moore finally materializes long enough to take Mickey Knox's large thick dick in his mouth. While in the kitchen, sexy stud Robin finally appears in front of Mickey. Immediately reaching to unbuckle his pants, he drops to his knees and takes his cock in his mouth. Mickey grabs the back of Tate’s head pulling his mouth onto his cock even further, making sure he takes every inch of this throbbing meat down his throat. Fearing that they may need a more private location, the fun moves to the adjacent bathroom where Mickey has Tate bent over the cabinet offering up his smooth tight ass. It doesn't take long before Mickey finds himself balls deep in the mysterious stranger’s ass without any worry of exactly what the hell is happening. Reaching up and grabbing his shoulder, Mickey pulls this young stud deeper on his cock as her continues to pound relentlessly. Robin doesn't give without expecting something in return and before you know it he has Mickey bent over, ass up begging for his beautiful well-proportioned cock. Robin Moore obliges him with intensity and purpose and probes deep inside that tight man hole. These two studs enjoy fucking the hell out of each other until they just can’t hold it anymore, erupting in two hot, sticky loads of cum. This house is sure to be a the top of Mickey’s list!



that was hot! If I buy a house I definitely want a corporeal ghost in residence. Love Robin, Love Mickey. Love this site. Keep producing amazing story lines w/hot boys and hotter sex.

Robin Plays the Sexy Ghost

Nice different plot and great sex! Hard to believe that at 19 years of age, Robin is only about a year out of high school. With his oral, bottoming and topping talents, he must have had lots of happy, satisfied friends in school.


If Mickey doesn’t buy this house, I totally will. Especially if the house comes with “Tate” the sex starved ghost. Great scene guys!

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