Meet Nathaniel Stone

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Colby Chambers is happy to break in the newest ColbyKnox model, Nathaniel Stone. Nathaniel is a North Carolina stud who Colby met while having a few drinks at the local bar. Nathaniel was dancing and Colby made it very clear that he wanted to see more of him real soon. Colby pitched the idea of them going back to his place for some fun and maybe down the road they could work together. Based on today's scene its pretty clear that Nathaniel left a lasting impression. With his plump ass and hairy chest Nathaniel is unique to the site and Colby is more than happy to give him what he wants, a thick cock to sit on. After a quick introduction and some making out its time to get down to business. Colby slides his thick cock deep inside Nathaniel as he moans for more. He Thrusts his hard dick into Nathaniel until they are both covered in sweat and ready to cum. After fucking in several different positions Colby pulls his cock out just in time to blow his warm load all over Nathaniel's beautiful ass. It's a perfect way to introduce the newest addition to the site and with him living only a few miles away I'm sure you will be seeing more of his sexy ass in the months to cum.


Nathaniel Makes It Into Colby's Bed

As sexy handsome Nathaniel said, it took a year after first meeting Colby to make it into his bed. It was worth the wait as, after Nathaniel gave a superb cock sucking demonstration, Colby fucked that hot bubble butt so that Nathaniel became a whining, moaning, toe curling bottom. Bring this boy back for more!

Well Heelllooo!!

Sexy new Nathaniel seems well suited to the ColbyKnox team. I am looking forward to the opportunity to have him join the guys for a live show. I think it would be so sexy to pass him back and forward between Mickey and Colby. I'm also curious to see what sort of a top Nathaniel is? I just want everything that could include this sexy curly-haired delight.


Well I love newcomers! Nathaniel has a beautiful ass oh and I promise he will be back again... He had the Colby full experience: Which made him have soft, sweet and sexy open mouth moans, toe curling and one of the best sexual experience of his life.. Him cumming with those aftershocks- he is hooked !! Beautiful- ! He has been Knox’ed .....????-Sherry