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Let’s give a ColbyKnox hello to Jack Waters. In today’s update, the gay porn newbie is paired with Colby Chambers. Both are in black underwear, kissing like there's no tomorrow. "You're so fucking hot," Colby says before nibbling Jack's chest. They take off their undies. Jack gets on his hands and knees, giving Colby an opportunity to dive into the newbie's hole. He massages Jack's cheeks as he eats him out. "Like it when I lick that hairy hole," Colby wonders. Jack's sexy grin is the best response. "That ass deserves to be worshiped," Colby observes. "It's so nice." He spits in the hole and teases Jack by swirling his bloated head around the opening. "I just want to play with it all afternoon," Colby jokes. "I'm free," Jack replies. When he flips over, Jack's dick is ready to play. Colby pays attention to the cum heavy nuts. Then he swallows Jack's shaft. "It feels so good," Jack whispers. Colby folds Jack in half so he can get back to eating him out. "Get in there," Jack moans. His sexy legs are eventually pulled up to his chest. "So you said you're a sensitive bottom," Colby asks as he returns to teasing Jack's hole. "I'm good with sensitive bottoms." After lubing up, Colby slowly works his bare tool inside. "You feel it throb in you," Colby wonders. "Yeah," Jack replies. "It's throbbing." Colby leans in for a kiss. "So tight," he observes. When Jack is used to Colby's thickness, the pounding speed increases. "Yeah. Get in there," Jack moans. "Fuck me." Colby jerks Jack as he fucks. "Just like that," Jack murmurs. His toes curl as Colby fills him up. Jack gets back on his hands and knees. "Nice and easy," Colby promises as he returns inside that tight hole. Jack moves back on Colby's cock. Colby takes over, smacking those pale butt cheeks as he stuffs Jack's hole. The camera gives an ideal view of Colby wrecking Jack's hairy hole. "Fuck me," Jack begs. Colby pushes Jack on his stomach, drilling to the balls. "You're going to make me come, dude," Colby says. “Goddamn. It feels so good." Colby is a man of his word. He leaves part of his load inside Jack. He then pulls out, cumming all over Jack's ass and hole. "Come all over me," Jack pleads. He then rides Colby, going up and down on Colby's cock. As he rides, Jack jerks his johnson. There is no better sight than Colby's meat parting Jack's perky cheeks. "Still so tight," Colby notes. "Ride the shit out of my dick." Jack's tool points to the ceiling. He gets off of Colby's rod and beats his meat over Colby's butt. Jack's copious load lands on Colby's back and ass. "That was so fucking hot," Colby exclaims. The spent studs kiss. Stay for the post scene interview. The 19-year-old lives in Las Vegas and San Diego. He's been in the industry for 8 months. The Virgo is about to launch a clothing line, Jack Waters Apparel, has worked with a number of studios, and is on OnlyFans (but keep an eye out for his Fansly page). Welcome to ColbyKnox Jack!


A solid introductory scene. I like sassy, cheerful twinks like Jack who are hungry for cock.

More….. Jack is hot & smart. Wow! Great scene Thanks. Love you guys Sherry

At 19 years of age, 5'9", 160 lbs., Jack is an amazing hot teen gay porn model having done over 60 scenes in less than two years. But having graduated from high school at age 15, moving to California by himself and having life experiences few 19 year olds have had by this stage of their young lives, Jack is also one smoking hot bottom who took Colby's daddy dick (at least from young Jack's perspective) like a champ. Hopefully we shall see more of Jack on ColbyKnox, perhaps a scene with Mickey and some of the other twink models ColbyKnox has featured.

Colby, you are such a sensual lover. I could really see how your gentle touch gradually enticed Jack to enjoy your huge throbbing cock, even as a sensitive bottom ;) Also, definitely stick around for the after-sex interview. Jack Waters is a very interesting and ambitious young man! One to watch, for sure! crazy how you guys are both the same age


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